Our Current Projects

  • Prosthetic Grant

    This program allows patients who are in need of financial assistance to obtain a prosthesis based on an income percentage.

  • Volunteer Credit

    The SAF is developing a system for all amputees that need our help to build credits by volunteering to help us with our projects and promotions

  • Lyrics for Limbs

    The SAF engages in the sale of music to raise money for deserving amputees

  • Do-It-Yourself Prosthetic Liner

    This is comprised of a very lightweight plastic two­piece molding system that fits together with a void for liquid RTV (room temperature vulcanization) silicone.

  • Sock and Component Bank

    We asked that amputees that have excessive socks or components as well as prosthesis from either their physiological change, or a death in the family, be donated to the SAF.